Using Glogster to include diversity in the classroom

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KWL – Final update

I will keep this post short and sweet, here is my final update on my KWL, the final column is now complete, “What I have learnt”. Its been an interesting journey, check it out for yourself.

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Assessment Programming

 This week our group got together to undertake an activity creating of an assessment task and criteria.  The documents below follow the process that we went through, including some of the challenges that we faced.  We had found some gaps in our project and that is why decided to annotate some of the thinking behind the workings.

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Marking HSC exams and creating criterias for the answers

In this tutorial we had a chance to look at a previous HSC exam in order to have a go at creating our own marking criteria and also give a sample answer for a few questions.  The 2002 HSC Standards Package includes the exam paper, exemplar samples, marking guidelines and band descriptions.

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Our own project

 This week it was time to go solo, the task was to come up with a project of our own.  This time I have created my own template that starts with the big ideas, unit question and content questions. I then drill down on each task and list all the activities and the resources required.  The other thing that I did differently was come up with my own projects rather than use the ones in the sample outlines, as I found them a little bland.   

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Construction of a Stage 6 PBL unit of work


In our teams we constructed units of work for IPT and SDD based on the project based learning framework.  The project construction illustrates our “thinking” as we work through constructing the actual project, such as coming up with a “big question” and creating unit questions.  The project outline is the final master piece, depicting the project tasks. 

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Teaching and Learning Cycles

Last week we looked at implementing Stage 6 syllabus using PBL.  This week we took the implementation one step further, through the use the constructivism approach we used it to improve our units of work and hopefully make the implementation of it be more successful in the classroom. The model we used was the 5 E learning cycle, used for designing and sequencing learning in teaching programs.

Back in our teams, we created a PowerPoint presentation to present our ideas on what constructivism means to us and the implementation of 5 E learning model within our IPT and SDD project.

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